I. MS Word Directions
  1. Create a MS Word document and type the words you want in your wordle.
  2. Include ~ when you want words in a phrase to stay together.
  3. Type words more than once if you want them to be larger.
  4. Save your word document.
  5. Select the words in the document, right click, and copy.
II. Internet Directions
  1. Go to the internet and go to wordle.net
  2. Click create
  3. Right click in the box and click paste.
  4. Click go
  5. Click run
  6. Select your font, color, and direction or choose randomize.
  7. Once you are happy with your wordle, click Print screen on your keyboard.
III. MS Power Point Directions
  1. Go to MS Power Point and create a new Power Point with a blank layout.
  2. Right click and paste the wordle screen shot.
  3. Click Picture Tools.
  4. Click Crop and drag the corners to get rid of the rest of the screen shot. This will leave you with only a picture of the wordle.
  5. Click off of the picture.
  6. Click on the picture and drag the corner to make it larger.
  7. Click file and print to print the picture.
Directions for Color Printing
  1. If you want to print in color at home, you can also go to docs.google.com to save a copy to retrieve from home.