2012-2013Behavior Plan


1) Be Respectful.

2) Be Responsible.

3) Be a great learner.


1) Warning

2) Time Out

3) Oops card will be filled out by Mrs. Tatsis and sent home. (If time allows, I will also have the student write their Parent/Guardian a note as well.) Parent/Guardian should sign the card and send it with the student the following day. The student will return the card to me.

  • Severe Clause - If the behavior is severe, a student may skip Warning and Time-out and be immediately referred to the office for discipline.

Individual Positive Consequences:

Mini ShieldsVerbal Praise

Special Priveleges (ie- Special Sweeper- Person who checks the computer lab to make sure it is left the way it was found.)

Class Incentives:

Mega Shields

Class Dojo- Class Dojo is a website that I use in the computer lab to enforce good behavior as a class. The class can earn (and lose) points during their specials time. When the class earns twenty-five points they will earn free choice. During free choice the class may go to any website that they have been to before in the computer lab. They can also choose coolmath.com as a free choice activity. Free choice will be given at the last 10-15 minutes of class if earned.